The future is realtime

And we're here to help. Thousand Ant’s focus is on helping our clients drive adoption through inspiring education.

No one sticks with a product they don’t understand

As products, platforms and tools grow increasingly complex it’s more important than ever to provide a first-class experience to those who are trying to adopt your product. Compelling content seeds community, and community gives people a reason to stay. The right content sets the stage for your community to get involved, tell their own stories and help drive growth.


We’ll work with your in-house team to understand your needs, and design a campaign that will best drive adoption for your product.

Let’s make a plan


Let us bring your game, demo, animation or game-like project to life with our team of developers, animators 3D, concept and technical artists.

Let’s develop something great


Our technical writers, voice over artists, editors and motion designers create compelling content that drives business results and product adoption.

Let’s create together

What we’ve been making lately

Check out a few examples of recent projects that we’ve been working on with our amazing clients.

Unity Open Project: Chop Chop

We helped to conceive the campaign and created 3D art, animation, music and sound to be shared free of cost with the community. We created a series of “devlog” videos documenting and expanding on focus areas of the project. 

The Realtime Rascals

We worked with Unity to design a year long campaign including a two minute animated short, downloadable characters and environments, video tutorials, white papers and a series of webinars.

Untitled Cute Space Game: Devlog 1

Untitled Cute Space Game is a cute post-scarcity life simulator game, currently in development using Unity.

Genvid SDK Overview

We collaborated with Genvid Technologies to help introduce and explain their interactive streaming SDK in video and article tutorial form.

VR Bow and Arrow Prototype Tutorial

Unity’s prototype series explores creating small, polished game mechanics using the Unity engine. We developed this Oculus Quest based VR bow and arrow demo, with helpful input from VR luminary Alex Schwarz.

Parsec: Onboarding Artists & Animators

Parsec asked for our help to quickly teach artists and animators how to use their crystal clear HD remote desktop application.

Our Happy Clients

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